About Us

We understand your personal matters may be difficult to talk about. The psychologists at Western Plains Psychology are approachable, engaging, flexible and passionate. Our practice offers therapy for adults of any age, adolescents and children, covering a wide range of mental health problems. We also offer supervision to other professionals and a range of consultancy and training services for organisations. We also provide counselling, supporting a range of services including but not limited to children’s behavioural management, emotional regulation, couples connection, and anger management.

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Highly Skilled

Our practice is staffed by clinical, counselling and generalist psychologists. We also have provisional psychologists who are trained ABA therapists with skills in art, sand and play therapy. All our practitioners have completed a wide range of training activities to develop their therapeutic skills.


All our practitioners are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) and are members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). These organisations stipulate clear guidelines on professional behaviour, data protection and the safeguarding of vulnerable people, children and those continuing professional development, as well as the supervision of practitioners to ensure safe and effective practice.


We apply the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour to all our work. For example, should we feel that the services offered by this practice do not best meet your needs, we will advise you of this and suggest an alternative source of support.


We review our practice in line with national, research-based clinical guidelines in order to be able to offer the most effective therapies for each specific mental health condition.


Western Plains Psychology is situated at 8 Kyneton Circuit, Caroline Springs. Our clinic is easily accessible by bus, and there is street parking available. You may also park in the driveway of the practice. Click here to see a map of our location.

Western Plains Psychology Mission Statement

Western Plains Psychology is a safe and secure place where your voice will be heard. We are a compassionate and confidential environment to discuss personal concerns.

Our mission is to provide you, your child and your family with the highest quality service in order to help you achieve your goals in therapy and in life. Our psychologists will work with you in a way that builds on your strengths and potential, and challenges you to take your quality of life. We believe that the most productive therapy environment is one of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. Our treatment approaches are based on proven scientific models of human behaviour and established methods of psychology and psychotherapy.


Western Plains Psychology is a participant in the NDIS, providing for self and planned programs.


Western Plains Psychology we are a proud supporter of the LGBTQI community and respect all pronouns.

How Counselling Can Help

Usually, we can work through problems ourselves or with the support of family and friends. Sometimes we need extra support. This is when talking to a psychologist can help. Psychologists have special skills, training and experience to help you understand your problems, overcome emotional challenges and make meaningful changes in your life.

You don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from therapy. Many people seek help for everyday problems such as job stress. Others turn to therapy during times of crisis, such as relationship difficulties. Whether it’s a serious problem or simply something you wish to address in your life, our psychologists can work with you in a confidential and supportive way to help you understand and resolve problems.

Sometimes things can feel worse before they get better. Painful memories or uncomfortable feelings might surface. This is a normal part of therapy, and your psychologist will guide you through this process. Keep in mind growth is difficult, and it’s not easy to break old patterns. However, you should notice changes in your life. Your overall mood might improve, for example. You may feel more connected to family and friends. Or you might find that a crisis that would have overwhelmed you in the past doesn’t affect you as much this time around.

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