Mediation Therapy is designed to resolve conflicts and disputes between close family members. Western Plains Psychology can offer our clients mediation services to better help you communicate with your partner and family. Our experienced counsellors can provide you with the tools to help partners or family groups understand each other and approach challenging topics. Through mediation, we can help you improve your communication skills and healthily support a family member who may need intervention.

Mediation in Relationship Counselling

Expressing emotions or discussing problems with a partner can be a challenge. Whether it be the birth or loss of a child, a significant change in work or home life or even difficulties within intimacy, stressful moments within a relationship can put pressure on you and your partner. Sometimes, issues between a partnership can bottle up before being presented negatively. The counsellors at Western Plains Psychology can help you communicate how you feel about these issues with your partner. Sometimes, you just need an impartial mediator to keep the conversation focused and allow both partners time to discuss the problem and how it is affecting them.

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Mediation in Family Therapy

Family therapy places an emphasis on providing a family with the tools to better communicate with each other or healthily support a single family member who needs help. A family in constant conflict or one that is faced with unfamiliar stress may have difficulty in communicating effectively and, as a result, may worsen the situation they are in. The counsellors at Western Plains Psychology can act as mediators to allow families to come together and speak about their emotions around stressful situations. Whether it be exploring the family’s history and culture, helping a family to grieve a loss or directing a family on how to support a member who is struggling in their own lives, mediation in family therapy offers an impartial voice to help focus the session and explore ways that the family can grow stronger, together.

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The counsellors at Western Plains Psychology can provide mediation within relationship or family sessions to improve communication and offer tools of support. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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