We offer sessions in a face-to-face capacity, or over telehealth via videoconference or phone consultation.

We require all telehealth sessions to be paid up front, prior to the commencement of a session.

At Western Plains Psychology, we use a video-conferencing platform called Zoom. Once an appointment has been arranged with your psychologist, we share a link with you via email. Once you have clicked on this link, your video session will automatically launch.

You will need a device (computer or smartphone) with an internet connection in order for the link to work. You may want to consider a quiet location in your home to secure your privacy during these sessions.

Your sessions are not recorded in compliance with privacy laws.

Zoom allows you to see both your own and your psychologist’s face. Your psychologist’s face will be in the centre of the screen while they are talking, and your face may appear in a separate smaller window to the left or right of your screen. To avoid seeing your own face (if this is uncomfortable for you), a small ‘X’ will appear in the corner of the window within which your videocam appears. This will hide the view of your face on your screen but not the psychologist’s screen.

We do understand that it can be a strange experience the first few times you engage in online therapy. Here are some tips to help ease any discomfort you may experience before, during, or after your Telehealth experience.

  • Find a comfortable, quiet space within your home. Make sure this is private and away from distractions or other loud noises.
  • Find a pair of headphones to use throughout your session. This will increase privacy measures.
  • If you wish to hide your face from your own view, please click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of your videocam view (the window that shows your face only). Some clients may find the view of their face distracting or uncomfortable.
  • Utilise the chat function to share links or resources with your practitioner. This is a major advantage of online therapy. If you would like to share homework (therapeutic), questionnaire/assessment results, or other relevant documentation, you can do this easily by sharing a link or PDF document with your practitioner.

To schedule a Telehealth (online) or phone consultation, please contact us today. We are here to help you.

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