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Western Plains Psychology aims to provide high-quality psychological assessment and treatment to clients with a range of mental health problems. Western Plains Psychology also uniquely offers:

Highly Experienced Psychologists

Our psychologists are highly experienced in working with people who have a severe personality disorder and a high-risk of self-harm. Western Plains Psychology can provide Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mentalisation-Based Treatment and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. On occasion, group therapy is also offered for people with BPD.

As specialists, we can provide consultation regarding complex cases and offer support to manage high-risk behaviours such as self-harm and suicidal acts.

Call us to enquire about clinical supervision in working with personality disorders and training workshops tailored to suit the needs of your organisation or group. Skype access is available.

Clinical Supervision

Michelle is an endorsed supervisor of psychologists, including trainees, CPD, 4+2 registration and interns.

While specialising in personality disorder and self-harm, Michelle is also skilled to supervise in general mental health, counselling and psychotherapy. Her background is in public mental health, including work in inpatient units, CAT teams and case management.

Western Plains Psychology can also provide clinical supervision to professionals and mental health workers from all disciplines and contexts, including:

  • social workers and other allied health counsellors.

  • psychiatric nurses who want to improve their psychological skills.

  • youth workers and community support workers, Partners in Recovery

Communication and Reports

Western Plains Psychology can be relied upon to send a progress report to referring practitioners and clinicians at sessions six and ten or at discharge.

We believe good communication between treating professionals is essential for treatment to have successful outcomes.

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